Decorative Accessories

I Made These As Center Pieces For A Wedding. They Add A Perfect Touch Of Elegance Wherever They Are & Look Magical With A Candle Glowing Thru Them At Night.

1 0211 030011

  I Made This Gum Ball Canister For A Grand Mother That Wanted to Add A Touch Of Fun & Whimsy To Her Kitchen.

Gum Ball Canister 002

My Husband Builds Ships By Hand. This One Took 5 Years To Build. Every Detail Is Scaled & Built Exactly As The Actual Ship.

It Is The Perfect Gift For Self, Ship & Ocean Lovers, Or The Man That Has Everything.

Old Ironsides/The USS Constitution is the oldest Warship Still in Commission.

Handcrafted Model is Built to Scale is approx. 40″ Long $ 5,000 or $ 5,850 in the case –  32″ table for display is available for an additional $ 650 (Shipping is Extra)

The Constitution, Nicknamed "Old Ironsides" Is The Oldest War Ship Still Commissioned In The U.S. Handcrafted.

The Constitution, Nicknamed “Old Ironsides” Is The Oldest War Ship Still Commissioned In The U.S.

Cross Section of The USS Constitution is Hand Built to Scale and is Approx. 30″ Tall $ 1,500 alone or $1,875 in the Case (Shipping is Extra)

"Old Ironsides" Hand Crafted Cross Section. The Constitution.

“Old Ironsides” Hand Crafted Cross Section. The Constitution.

 Kissing Balls Made To The Size & Color You choose & With The flower of your Choice. Great for Home, Holidays, Weddings, & Gifts.


I Can Hand Paint Or Design Decorative Plates  For You Using Your Matching Or Coordinating Fabric Or Paper. 

(I Embellished This Plate With Green Paisley Fabric.)    (I Did The Top Yellow Background Plate With Wallpaper & The Bottom Orange Plate With Scrapbook Paper)

IMAG0127 Hand Made Decorative Plates.

 One Large Carousel Horse Left To Be Decorated In The Colors You Want.

I Used The Clients Wall Paper On the Hooves And Pole Of This Horse & Embellished It With Bead Work.


Wall Art Available…Tell Me Your Idea!


I Make Decorative Spheres.


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